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MOTIVATION MONDAY: Lean Into the Difficult Things

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

I LOVE this...

I have clients and gym members make comments frequently about how, when I do a workout or execute a lift, they percieve me to be stronger than they are, work harder, "kill workouts" more dead....? or whatever else. No, this is not a low-key brag, because although I do work hard - I don't work any harder than anyone else who is giving it their all, and strength or endurance is relative to each individual. So while I would not describe my effort or strength as anything better than the next guy or gal, I would say a missing component in a lot of peoples' training is their mindset. Their drive. How they approach and execute their time at the gym.

Which is exactly why I LOVE this quote. Because work ethic IS key!! (In ALL aspects of life, by the way...) When I'm training, I lean into the "hard". I push back against whatever is challenging me. Whenever I meet something that is difficult for me - I test my limits with it. That's all you see me doing. But THAT is the important thing. If you want to be more than you are or better than where you currently stand - you need to do more of that.

Nutshell takeaway: DO NOT back down from things that are difficult for you. THOSE are the moments that define you. Those challenges are the stepping stones that allow you to ascend to YOUR next level. Whatever that may be. Wherever you are in your journey. Do hard things regularly. Lean into what's difficult for you. You will grow as a person... in character, in strength, in confidence, in competence, in "toughness". All of which are invaluable qualities to posess and something we need more of. Get after it, guys.


Cassandra R. Bradin is a certified personal trainer who is passionate about the essential idea of longevity in training, creating programs that enhance function, mobility, strength and internal well-being. She specializes in weight loss, Olympic weightlifting, nutrition, and fitness for seniors. With a full-time career in fitness, when she's not working with clients in her studio or coaching, Cassandra enjoys spending time on her mini farm in Oakland, MI.



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