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Hi there!

If you're thinking...

"I've never worked out before, what can I expect?"
"I'm too old to start something new."
"Don't people get hurt doing that kind of stuff? I don't want to get injured!"
"I feel like I need to get in better shape before I can start."'re not alone.  Let's chat!

THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!  I would be so honored to join you on your fitness journey. I help you by:

  • determining (with you) where you are currently, what you'd like to achieve, and setting goals together to get you there

  • creating a plan to improve your fitness, nutrition, and daily habits to bring you toward those goals  

  • designing a workout program specifically for you using proven scientific methods...not the latest fads

  • educating you on what works and what doesn't so you have a solid foundation and the confidence to move forward in a lifetime of health

  • keeping you accountable and offering motivation and guidance throughout the process

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